Is that you?

Posted on by Ángela Camargo


I never said you had changed so much, I just said that maybe… if I see you again, you’ll be so different so I won’t recognize you at all.

Anyway I have to write much more about it, but you know…. my life is just dancing, working and studying, I don’t have time for me, just for my legs to dance. I’m always so tired, and I’m trying to eat really well to be fine…. but I’m just SO tired… I don’t have time for this right now……. I have a show next Friday so I have to do a LOT of things to keep things going… So yep this is like “burning bridges”… because I’m not a teenager anymore so I need to see you as you really are. A MAN…. selfish and immature, an adventurer… smart and cute, with a heart of gold…. but A MAN.



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